Cheque Writer Software V1.0.16

Cheque Writer software is Professional cheque writing software or cheque
printing software that enables Malaysia corporate and home users to print cheque book cheque
accurately, easily and safely. This Program prints: Cheque Payee, Cheque Amount, Word Amount and
Cheque Date onto a banker’s cheque. Built in Layout Editor Enables support for wide range of printer and
cheque layouts. It automatically converts numbers to words. You can have your cheque printed with just
a few seconds without any special cheque printer.
Recurring Cheque Template
You can save cheque information as cheque template for those frequently issued
cheques. The template can be recalled which make your cheque preparation easier.

Payee List Management
Organized payee list allows you to load the payee information into the cheques with
a single click. You can prepare your cheque even faster and easier.

Ledger Balance and Bank Reconciliation Report
Ledgar balance report will record all debit and credit from the selected month.
Bank reconciliation report will compute all the received and cheque issued from the
selected month.

Support Different Printers
Cheque System software supports Laser, Inkjet, and Dot-Matrix printer.

• Support all Malaysia Bank cheque
• Support multi cheque size
• Unlimited bank account
• Automatic Number to word conversion
• Backup & restore data storage media

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