SG-10N RFID Guard Tour System

The SG-10N is the updated version of its predecessor with POGO pin connector instead of the standard USB port. With it the device becomes more consistent, durable, waterproof and able to work under water. The updated version of this guard tour system is able to read up to 60,000 records in the device itself.

SG-10N works with RFID tags. With just a simple non-contact swipe, the reader can get information from the tags and then upload all the petrol data by the POGO pin connecting cable to the management software installed in computer to generate reports. This is indeed your ultimate guard supervising device.

– Military component
– Super durable silicon tank in metal body with rubber shell outside
– IP67 standard
– Pogo pin connecting cable for high download speed
– Non contact reading of RFID tag
– Completely guard proof and waterproof
– Sabotage absorbent and resistent to electrical shock
– Super storage capacity – 4MB flash ROM (up to 60,000 records)
– Power off protection
– REG colourful LED indication
– Reading distance up to 5cm
– Real time internal clock

• 60,000 reading storage capacity, 4mb Flash-ROM memory data safety guarantee.
• Low energy consumption, 880mAh lithium batteries
• Ultra long battery life and exremely low-temperature
• Silicon tank, metal body with Silicon rubber shell
• Reading tags 500 times/day, last 29 days
• Completely waterproof, workable under water
• Press button to activate reading, 3 to 6cm reading distance
• USB communication port data downloading (pogo pin connector)
• Working life more than 20 years
• Working frequency 125Khz

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